Monthly Membership

- FAQ -


What is this membership?

This membership is a monthly digital subscription service. Therefore, you will be automatically charged a recurring monthly fee of $9.99 for the duration of your membership.

How does it work?

Once you join the membership, you will get an unlimited access to all biblical resources on by loggin in My Account.

When do I get access?

Once you’ve purchased the monthly membership, you will have access right away.

What is included in the membership?

The membership includes 35+ hours of exclusive bible commentaries and lectures by Dan Bertran Griffey:

Bible commentaries [Audio]

Amos [Chapter 1 - 9]

Galatians [Chpater 1 - 6]

Hosea [Chapter 1 - 14]

Joel [Chapter 1 -3]

Jonnah [Chapter 1 - 4]

Micah [Chapter 1-7]



Revenge of the Czars [Video]

And more resources will be added in the future.


Does it include ebooks?

No. The e-books written by Dan Bertran Griffey need to be purchased separately on 


How often will I be charged?

A recurring fee of $9.99 will be automatically charged every month until you cancel. 


When can I cancel?

You can cancel at any time. Just visit My Account on to make updates or cancel anytime.