The “Church of the Second Exodus” is an online group of people who are standing on the Lord’s Promise!

The “Five Stones” financial support is a recurring $5 per month from you, to keep our sling loaded with stones to slay any and all giants (Goliath had 4 brothers) who wish to stand in the Valley before us!

Without the “Five Stones”, David’s empty sling could not have brought down the Giant.  Then it would have fallen to hand-to-hand combat! We have been fighting “Hand-to-Hand” combat with the Giants. It’s time to step it up! Thank You for your support.

If you would like to mail in your support, please make the check or money order out to Dan Griffey and send to:

Dan Griffey
3101 West 6th Street Suite 470217
Fort Worth, Texas 76147-9998