[ Book 1 ] World War 3 in Prophecy: The Next Dark Ages



America scatters her thin military across the globe as casualties on the battlefield begin to multiply. The dark clouds of WW3 descend upon her homeland. Invading armies ravage her heartland, enslaving Europe and Asia, with no one to slow them down.

Russia, China, and Islam seem to be unstoppable as the world is thrown into a New Dark Age.

Hope survives in Britain as a Stone, after 2,600 years of silence, begins to roar in Scotland. This brings forth, out of obscurity, the destiny of the Second Moses.

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Author’s Note


The Prophetic Cube

Chapter 1: Identity of Babylon the Great

The judgment that falls on America takes her totally by surprise!

Can America be found in the Bible?

Does America have a mother?

When does the destruction come?

The Prophetic Clock

The rams of the flock flee Babylon (America)!

Chapter 2: Thy Terribleness Hath Deceived Thee, and the PRIDE OF THINE HEART

The Lord sets up failsafe systems to keep a nation from evil

The sheep did not wander off from the churches … they were driven off

Great depression and hyperinflation come to the nations of the earth

Something has happened to the men of America … it is the women!

Civil unrest comes to the streets of all nations

The family unit under siege for decades … last hope!

Planners of mischief dumb down society with technology

The art of war

A dramatic increase of earthquakes globally; a warning!

The righteous generation before us roll up their banners of victory

The Lord’s plan working in the background, unseen by the wicked

No money, no war

Who were the people of the nations so afraid of that they did that which they should not have?

Who attacks?

The powerful of America are bound in CHAINS …

Chapter 3: All Her Nobles Were Bound in Chains

Returning to the pre-invasion time set

The Shekinah Glory poured out in the latter days upon Ezekiel’s Temple

The people’s deception leads them to believe God Himself believes as they do

Let no man rebuke, let no man protest policy perverts the nations

America’s military at the time of the attack (made up of manboys) behaves like women

America stripped of her high-tech protection by her enemies

The elite insiders do not get the safety they were promised

The Bride of Christ starts to undergo her first maneuvers under combat conditions

The rams of the flock flee America

Jews made the mistake 2,000 years ago that Christians are making today

The Lord hides the American men in the mountains

Those who do not hear the Lord’s/Holy Spirit’s voice will run into the fire trying to escape the invasion

Live in the mountains

The ten tribes scattered throughout the earth

The plastering of the flimsy wall in the Holy Land falls

The shepherds, pastors, preachers, priests, even
politicians who misled the Lord’s flock are now dealt with by Heaven

The American women play a key role in America’s destruction

Just before WW3 breaks out, the people of the nations reject the national and world leaders; the people think it better to have no
leaders than corrupt, evil ones

The shadow government of America uses sorcery, spells, and then bribery to try to turn back the invasion forces, but it all fails

Chapter 4: Gog Invades the Middle East

The false Ephraimite exodus

Ezekiel’s valley of dry bones

Jesus reveals the future of the fig tree

What we Christians are failing at

A full blast from the Jews comes against the Lord

The Lord brings charges against them: the secular Jews

Jesus sends the apostles out on a world trip; not a local holiday

America refuses to drink the cup of wrath … but she has no choice in the matter

Jeremiah brings our world hope from Heaven

A conspiracy exists, saith the Lord

Gog is formed from the same mother Adolf Hitler was formed from

Judah stands upon their sword

The sword is Gog, the Russian commander

A remnant of Judah emerges out of the dust that settles

Jews are caught in the destruction of the secular nation

Chapter 5: Red Dawn

Bankers and Wall Street are not your friend

West Coast of America attacked first

American government set up for oppression, not invasion, gets out-maneuvered

Heaven sends true justice out every morning even though our courts fail us

Racial brotherhood is broken

The he-goats of the flock flee America

The last-day apostles appear

The Russian submarines appear

Because the nations served alien/strange gods, they are judged by Heaven

Unbeknownst to her people, America’s (USA’s) greatest export to the world was sorcery

Heaven declares global war!

The wisdom of the wise fail them

The hidden Throne of David

Heaven does not spare the tender ones

Gog receives his mandate from Heaven

The attack on America begins

Soviet Union and socialist China were created by the Illuminati

The Western nations are not qualified to stage a successful revolt against the Illuminati’s stranglehold

A people gathered from among nations … living at the center of the earth

We Americans live in ignorant bliss

In the midst of darkness, Heaven shines light and hope

The world’s mightiest army gives up hope and the spirit of the warrior dissipates

America’s fall comes from a great height

The Illuminati’s great club to beat the nations into submission is gone … the USA is no more

America’s leaders, so used to being told what to do, cannot make a decision. Heaven takes their counsel and wisdom away

How the invasion unfolds

Chinese men want American wives

We will watch the invasion on television

The rest of the nations complain about the destruction of Babylon/USA

Before the war starts, the youth of the world revolt against their pagan upbringing and turn to the Lord God

Marvels mankind prides himself in are pushed aside and ignored

The rich and powerful people’s underground places of safety fail them horribly

The Saints (Christians) take their place in Heaven’s plan for truth to get out

Traitors of the nations receive their just reward

Massive ELF earthquake technology used

Heaven tells Gog what to do to win the world

The sun, moon, and stars go dark because of the war

There are biblical prophecies that must be fulfilled in Scotland

When will WW3 begin?

Shallow prayers coming from shallow (faithless) Christians go unanswered by Heaven

The sword the Lord wields is still falling

American males neutered with airborne chemicals in the heartland

America’s children carried to Heaven in the arms of angels

America had for so long sown to the wind, casting off her morals and Christian heritage; now she must reap the whirlwind

The Jews still want to do it their way

Sincere, heart-wrenching repentance finally ascends to the heavenly throne room

Tearful eyes turn to the Scottish hope

Heavenly rain begins to fall on the prophetic stump planted so long ago in the British Isles

Heaven speaks to the two prophetical houses – House of Jacob and House of Israel

The Lord will not leave His saints/Christians in this forlorn condition for long

Biblical prophecy gives the number of people who shall be delivered from what used to be America

Chapter 6: The New World Dis-Order

Russian bear of Daniel’s prophecy comes up out of the sea

Saints of the Lord armed with truth stand as a wall against the tide of despair and suicide that overwhelms the people

America stands naked before her destroyers; Heaven has done this

American fugitives escape, but to where?

Britain held together by powerful, heavenly forces that witches and wizards have been unable to dilute or destroy for 2,500 years

The seven-year Great Tribulation begins; the Beast forms

The Gog of biblical prophecy jumps in front of the
Antichrist and tells him to wait his turn; “I’m next”

Latter-day Moses’ mouth gets opened by Heaven now

Fat and lazy Christians will not understand this; only the saints/Christians Heaven has prepared will

The “Future” part of the title “Once and Future King” appears on the shores of Scotland

All Heaven focuses its unlimited resources on the small islands of Britain, and the whole world waits

The Gog of prophecy goes too far in his actions. A shift is coming; a shift he does not expect.

In the darkest hour, hope from Heaven comes out of a corner of Britain … called Scotland

The end-of-days/latter-days prophets and apostles come forward at this time

Hungry Eyes

Chapter 7: A Place of Safety Prepared

The people all over the world in all nations ask, “Where is the Lord God? Where is His might and power?” … Heaven answers them

When the people are ready/prepared in repentance, their prayers are heard

Heaven unveils its plan for deliverance

The teacher of righteousness shows up about the time the Antichrist is being thrown out of Britain

The prophet Daniel’s secret he was forbidden to reveal –

Is also what the seven thunders uttered that John was forbidden to write

The Lord speaks hope to the Jews of the world

In this New Dark Age, in the midst of WW3, a worldwide revival in all nations takes place, and the oppressors can’t shut it down

In a contest between evil and the Lord God, evil finds out there is no contest

Be not afraid of sudden fear; the people of the Lord hold on to this promise

Chapter 8: The Hidden Ones

America/Babylon’s judgment must come, but before it arrives in its full force, a revival to the Lord breaks out in her

Switzerland doesn’t sit WW3 out

The Lord’s hidden ones are protected all over the world, even in captivity

The occupation of America has at this time reached its one year mark

The mystery of the prophets is revealed to the people who survive

The race of the footmen and the running of the horses preparing for the swelling of the Jordan

In Conclusion

The Stairway

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The Prophetic Clock

The Prophetic Tree

Dan’s Rabbit Trail


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Dan Bertran Griffey has been studying biblical prophecy for over 40 years. For the past twenty years, he has been working intensively on a deeper understanding of the seven-year Tribulation Period by applying not just part but all of biblical prophecy to unravel its "mystery". This work has accumulated into six books, which Mr. Griffey calls "Voice of the Prophets Series".