[ Book 6 ] Millennium, Then Eternity


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Imperial Chinese flood across a dry Euphrates River as what’s left of Imperial Russia in Siberia defends against a brutal assault from the Beast’s image. World War 5 is about to begin in a valley called Armageddon as the only tribe left, Judah (Jews) brace for the impact of the arrival in Petra of their long-awaited Messiah.

The constellations in the heavens prepare to unveil their hidden message after six thousand years of silent proclamation. The oldest mystery, written in the stars at creation, begins to speak.

Messiah sits upon His throne and reigns in New Jerusalem as His saints are taught in a thousand-year classroom how to rule and reign, and what that looks like.

Loosed from the Abyss, the final battle that shall ever be fought unfolds as Satan rallies his troops in the servant’s revolt of World War 6. At the White Throne of Judgment, the trial of the wicked takes place and their fate is finalized. Time abruptly ends as eternity, long held back, breaks forth.

After the re-creation event in which the heavens and the earth are made new, the multitude of beings on the inhabited planets throughout the Universe stand fast to receive the long-awaited and now perfectly prepared Bride of Christ as His hands-on, queenly representative of the royal throne.

Now the six-thousand-year-old question shall be answered, and we shall find out what would have happened if Adam and Eve had not bitten that apple.

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Dan Bertran Griffey has been studying biblical prophecy for over 40 years. For the past twenty years, he has been working intensively on a deeper understanding of the seven-year Tribulation Period by applying not just part but all of biblical prophecy to unravel its "mystery". This work has accumulated into six books, which Mr. Griffey calls "Voice of the Prophets Series".