Revenge of the Czars

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History and biblical prophecy lay out how a descendant of Russian royalty will be the first ruler of the world before the feared Antichrist comes on the scene. Dan lays out how it shall be a direct descendant of the Romanov bloodline and why!


• How does the Romanov royal bloodline orchestrate the events of World War 3?

• Why does Gog of biblical prophecy believe he can successfully overrun Israel, the United States, and Europe?

• How does the revolt of the White Russians, the White (royalist) Chinese, and all of Islam take the Illuminati/New World Order completely by surprise, causing them to fear for their very lives?

• Why the Zionist Jewish nation, Israel, will not build the prophesied 3rd temple in Jerusalem!

• Where are we in biblical prophecy today?

• Why are the United States military forces in the Middle East?

• What other militant, Islamic nations will the New World Order subdue by using the United States military?

• What prophecy is the nation of Israel trying to force that will lead to its destruction?

• Why are unemployment riots and race wars coming to the cities of America?

• Who is Gog of prophecy and is he alive today? How is he a direct descendant from the Romanov czar who was murdered?

• How does Israel’s security fence that is being built give us a clue to who “Babylon the Great” of prophecy is?

• Why is one of the top three Islamic holy places in the Middle East about to be destroyed?

• Why can’t we find the standing armies of the Islamic nations the New World Order is invading? Where are those armies now?

• What locations in America do her enemies (Russia, China, and Islam) wish to preserve at all cost, and what locations do they wish to destroy?

• How will China invade Japan and what nations in the Far East shall fall in order for this to happen?

• What prophecies must be fulfilled before Jesus (Messiah ben David) can return? Prophecies that our church leaders are ignoring!

These and many other questions are answered in the lecture World War 3 in Prophecy: The Revenge of the Czars by Dan Bertran Griffey.

This lecture is a companion to, but is very different from, the book, World War 3 in Prophecy: The Next Dark Ages by Dan Bertran Griffey.


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About Author

Dan Bertran Griffey has been studying biblical prophecy for over 40 years. For the past twenty years, he has been working intensively on a deeper understanding of the seven-year Tribulation Period by applying not just part but all of biblical prophecy to unravel its "mystery". This work has accumulated into six books, which Mr. Griffey calls "Voice of the Prophets Series".