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Bible Commentary by Dan Bertran Griffey

In the shortest book in the Old Testament, the Lord's prophet, Obadiah, stands in the Kingdom of Judah and pronounces heavenly judgment upon the wickedness of Edom. Their traits and attributes were passed down to them because they descended from Esau’s bloodline. Historians believe Romulus, the founder of Rome, was also descended from Esau and that Edom and Rome are interchangeable. The Edomites are the people who produced the family that Herod came from; the family the Romans gave control of Judah to during Jesus' time on Earth.


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Dan Bertran Griffey has been studying biblical prophecy for over 40 years. For the past twenty years, he has been working intensively on a deeper understanding of the seven-year Tribulation Period by applying not just part but all of biblical prophecy to unravel its "mystery". This work has accumulated into six books, which Mr. Griffey calls "Voice of the Prophets Series".