Second Exodus:
Down Into the Sea
[ Book 3 ]

The remaining Chinese occupation troops flee America, returning to China in fear and dread of what might be coming their way. The Russian troops have already left the American shores in the midst of the gathering of the prophesied Second Exodus.


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The world has been held within the jaws of the biblical prophet Daniel’s Russian bear for a year now. The latter-day descendant of King Arthur has defended the shores of Scotland and Ireland from rape and pillage with the original Excalibur in his hand, with the clan chieftains’ (Scottish and Irish) support and the British (English, Irish, and Scottish) special forces at his back.

A man appears in Edinburgh coming directly from Glastonbury Abbey with a historical staff/rod in his hand, heading for the castle and he’s not taking the tour.

The remaining Chinese occupation troops flee America, returning to China in fear and dread of what might be coming their way. The Russian troops have already left the American shores in the midst of the gathering of the prophesied Second Exodus.


Chapter 1
The Two Great Houses:
The House of Jacob
The House of Israel
The real reason Adolf Hitler wanted to kill Jews!
Babylonian captivity was for Jews only!
The importance of the prophet Jeremiah’s first vision!
Hope for Judah… who at this time is in need of HOPE!
Short Review to this point:
The two sticks of Biblical prophecy come together!
The “latter day” King David of Zion, who is not Jesus, must come!
Taking off our denominational glasses, we read!

Chapter 2
Commandment to Return
Latter day fishermen!
Training in Scotland of the Hunters and Gatherers
The mission of the Hunters and Gatherers!
Short review:
The message of the Second Exodus and the Second Moses will be ridiculed!
Then … the darkness will fall!
The Bride of Christ is being awakened to her destiny; she is cleaning her spots and ironing out her wrinkles! 66
The Bride’s faith is unshakable!
2600 years ago, the promise of wealth goes out by Jeremiah!
The slaughter of the Benjamites in the Holy Land at the start of World War 3 causes Rachel, their mother, to mourn!
Heaven hears her cries and sees her tears!
Promise of good fortune given to the Holy Land!
The Lord will champion their cause:
Snapshot of what has already happened!
Ephraim’s envy and Judah’s vexing!
Throne of David in Britain Sits Vacant

Chapter 3
Hope slips away from the inhabitants of the occupied nations of the world!
Heaven responds to the British and Irish peoples’ cries!
Hope comes in the darkest hour!
Excalibur awaits the hand of the latter day Arthur!
TOP SECRET – “For Angel Eyes Only”

Chapter 4
Gog Repeats the Mistake of Nebuchadnezzar
Gog’s portfolio for World War 3 is this!
Gog makes a boo‑boo, and Heaven turns against him!
All Heaven turns its forces against Gog’s armies, and as far as Gog is concerned, it literally hits the fan!
Gog loses Heaven’s support!

Chapter 5
Bones in Ezekiel’s Valley Start Connecting
Revival breaks out among the slaves of the earth!
Out of the proverbial pan into the Holy Spirit FIRE!
Egypt cries out in the 21st century for another deliverer like the first Moses!
The promise of deliverance comes from Heaven to the slaves of Gog!
Plagues of Biblical proportion descend like they did in Egypt!
The Creator of Heaven and Earth asks a question that only one man can answer!
Is the mother of Messiah ben David going to show up and help Messiah ben Joseph?
Oldest maps known to man, and they pre‑date any ancient maps known to be in existence!
Phase One of the Second Exodus! 132

Chapter 6
Scotland’s Finest Hour
The Hunters and Gatherers training!
The Second Burning Bush… SPEAKS!
Moses had to leave, in order to hear the bush!
What the Stone says when it speaks!
What the stone says!!!!!
Now, empowered by his Heavenly commission, the Second Moses acts!

Chapter 7
On the Shores of New China
Given 994 years after the First Exodus!
The mourning of those who were lost begins!
Seven women take hold of one man; he really doesn’t know what he is getting into!
The primary departure areas are set up!
Do the right thing!
With singing and dancing the redeemed are led into the Sea!

Chapter 8
Down into the Sea
The Father and the Son will accompany them!
A canopy of protection will cover them! 2
The part left unsaid, is said!

Chapter 9
Cleansing of the Bride in the Sea
The Creator of the universe will circumvent the laws of nature for His bride!
Earthquakes change the face of the ocean’s floor!
The Chinese army flees the North American continent!
The Love of the Sea and The Sand
Let’s follow the Lord’s people down to the ocean floor!
“Treasures of darkness” come out into the light!
A repentant people is born!
You got your good Jews, and you got your bad Jews!
The nations of the world have deteriorated into democracies!
Evidence of pre‑flood civilization found on the Atlantic floor!
The High Queen Tea Tephi steps in!
“Those in darkness… come out… and be seen!”
Two phases of the “Latter Day” Exodus!
Gog’s navy attacks the Exodus at sea!
A nation’s sin is to be left – in the ocean!
What effect does the Second Exodus have on the world?
Ireland’s historic role has yet to be!

Verdict from Heaven’s Court
The Prophetic Tree
After the 7‑year Tribulation, the tree is producing fruit for all eternity.
The Prophetic Clock
What the American Indians can teach us!
Additional References
World War 3 in Prophecy
The Second Moses



Format: epub, mobi
Words: 78,714
Publisher: Mount Ephraim Publishing Company
ISBN: 978-0-9728481-3-8


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