Kingdom of the Beast
[ Book 5 ]

The day of rejoicing turns into the night of sorrow as even darker clouds descend upon the three kingdoms as they rush to their places of safety as the Antichrist reveals himself in the Holy of Holies. His demonic UFO air force aids him in his takeover of the Holy Land. Marching with a hive mind and dark souls comes his army of those who have already taken the mark of the Beast.


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Pressed hard, the armies of the three kingdoms push back the darkness allowing the last of the saints into the strongholds as two of the greatest men of God in all history appear on the battlefront calling down plagues of biblical proportions upon the dark forces.
Great deception fills the earth as China holds onto its conquered territories in the Pacific, and what’s left of the Russian army and people who have refused the mark of the Beast in the midst of World War 4 fortify Siberia.

After two years of the greatest, darkest kingdom the world has ever known comes midnight. The Groom comes in the middle of the night and takes His Bride. He carries her home in His arms as the world wakes the next morning to an evil twilight. It rushes in to fill not only the void the saints leave after they depart, but also the vacuum the Holy Spirit causes with its withdrawal. It is now the feared Great and Terrible Day of the Lord, which falls like a hammer on the godless nations.

Up from the deep come the dreaded Kaiju monsters formed from fallen angels’ genetic experiments taken place before Noah’s boat got wet, now hacked by Heaven to bring judgment upon the nations. In the heavens, Nibiru (Planet X) brings with it the rest of the hailstones spoken of by Job, grounding UFOs and making the armies of Nephilim useless.
The Chinese army who refused to take the mark of the Beast finally sense this opportunity to march to the Holy Land in revolt against the Antichrist’s kingdom of darkness.

Like foolish virgins, the food sources of the good Jews protected in Petra start to run out as they wait for their Messiah to rescue them.


Chapter 1: Darkness Descends
Mosters from the “Id”
Summary thus far
Holy Spirit outpouring cranks up its volume
The vacuum left in the nations when the saints return to the Holy Land gets filled
God speaks of Esau’s ruthlessness
The four great beasts of Daniel’s vision
The little horn
Psychological analysis of the Antichrist
ET helps the Antichrist – they become his air force of flying saucers
War of the mighty ones; the ancient gods return to earth
Chapter 2: Antichrist Sneaks into the Holy Land
Some saints risk all for their family and people
An oceanic humanoid lifeform you did not know about
Antichrist’s armies can’t overcome the three kingdoms’ armies that are being withdrawn to the places of safety
The most destructive holocaust in history takes place in Jerusalem
The great deception commeth
Heaven begins to deal with the wicked part of Judah
Laws of darkness and the spirit of truth collide
The man from the tribe of Ephraim
Summary so far
We are trained to read the Scriptures the way our taskmasters wish us to
The Antichrist’s temper tantrum in the temple
Destruction of the wicked part of Judah
The angel of death comes to the wicked and prophecy tells where the slaughter will take place
Capture of the Lord’s anointed and the condition of the kingdom
Heavenly angels give aid to the retreat of the three kingdoms
You’re going to be told about these events; you’re just going to have trouble believing them
Judah weeps over the slaughter of the wicked who followed the prince who is to come
Generational curses we know nothing about
Jesus was the Mediator and sacrificial lamb of the covenant of the valley of Jezreel, not its Prince
Antichrist is not accepted by England or Heaven to sit upon the throne of David
Ephraim covers Jesus’ head with the High Priest’s mitre in our time
The peg must give way
The Prince of Darkness’ baby enters the Holy Land
Jewish handmaids left unprotected outside of Petra
Dead Sea scroll’s information kept hidden on purpose from the world. what are they afraid of?
Chapter 3: Heaven Is Not Sitting This One Out
Heaven has forced the dawn
The Lord unsheathes His sword for battle; Planet X arrives
Poem: Heaven has Forced the Dawn
Poem: Light Amongst Darkness
THUS begins John’s night when no man can work
King Hezekiah’s Poem gives us great insight into this time period
Antichrist’s secret underwater Mediterranean Base is now fully functional
Poem: Hold My Hand
Heaven encourages the Jews in Petra by Isaiah the pProphet’s words
Contrary to modern-day prophecy teachers’ teaching, the church goes into the middle of the Great Tribulation Period
Food and Water is provided within the places of safety, even if miraculously done
The Bride of Christ goes toe-to-toe with the Devil and the Devil blinks
Does the Virgin Mary show up in the Spirit and help Messiah ben Joseph?
The Little Help of Daniel’s prophecy appears and helps the Jews
The good Jews in Petra are making the wicked who control the third temple look bad
Why the two places of safety will not be overrun by Antichrist’s forces
Ancient Joseph’s second dream plays again in the Great Tribulation
Chapter 4: Seven Vials Poured Out
The seven vials of Revelation begin to be poured out
The Creator of the Universe is not amused
The infants of the wicked are angry at Mom and Dad
Not all of the wicked take the mark of the beast; some refuse it
Antichrist receives his head wound
The two witnesses of Revelation appear
A great earthquake happens
Image of the beast appears in its terror
China starts making plans in secret to destroy the Antichrist
The rapture of the saints happens
Chapter 5:The Abyss is Opened
The people who are without understanding are left on earth to experience the worst part of the day of the lord
The lottery begins
The angel comes from Heaven to unlock the abyss
The journey down to Hell to cut a deal for the Illuminati bloodlines’ favor
The Noah days Ark is acknowledged in the end of days
The prophetical Teacher of Righteousness, if he has not already shown up, now appears
In review to this point
Chapter 6: The Worst of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord Comes
The most dangerous and fearful time the earth ever goes into
Planet X ~
The Holy Spirit leaves Earth and returns to Heaven
The Holy Spirit leaves Earth with the raptured, wise virgins
Judah goes deep into the Ark and the floodwaters flow over her
Good Jews in Petra preserved from harm
The wicked seek death, and even death leaves them to their fate
The mystery of god should be finished
At Christ’s return, He will deliver the Jews waiting for their Messiah in Petra
The rapture of the saints is worldwide in scope
Chapter 7: Heaven Uses All of Creation to Fight With
Antichrist’s super soldiers are dealt with by Heaven’s real warriors
There are creatures in the deep the Lord has reserved to be used for this time
Army of the beast attacks Antichrist’s kingdom
Food runs out for Judah in Petra
When the Lamb Roars
Let’s review to this point
World War 5


Format: epub, mobi (kindle)
Publisher: Mount Ephraim Publishing Company
ISBN: 978-0-9728481-8-3



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