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The Irish Sea rolls back on its own accord acknowledging the DNA that approaches from the floor of the Atlantic. Fulfilling a 2,500-year-old promise, Tea Tephi’s treasure house, which the sea has kept safe from tomb raiders, relinquishes the precious treasures of Zion that are now turned over to her son.


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The Irish Sea rolls back on its own accord acknowledging the DNA that approaches from the floor of the Atlantic. Fulfilling a 2,500-year-old promise, Tea Tephi’s treasure house, which the sea has kept safe from tomb raiders, relinquishes the precious treasures of Zion that are now turned over to her son.
Monsters from the deep help Zion’s arrival from the sea, making its beachhead on the coast of the Holy Land. Gog’s world-conquering, multi-national force starts to sweat, and this is just the beginning of the Kingdom.

World War 3 is ending on Temple Mount with the Righteous Remnant of Judah at ground zero to witness it. The Second Moses calls forth a kingdom with its riches from the sea, and twelve ancient tribes answer the call worldwide as all creation rejoices. Led to the Valley of Jezreel, the sacrifice of the Lamb made two thousand years ago confirms the last covenant with two great houses; the house of Jacob and house of Israel, which unite as brothers.

Ezekiel’s temple is finally built, and an ancient king’s DNA sits upon the stone throne as the whole world confesses that the Lord, He is God, and not we ourselves.


Chapter 1: Ireland’s Finest Hour
Temple Treasures Hidden
Tea Tephi’s Treasure House Tomb/Sidhe
Faith on the British Isles deteriorates into pagan Baal worship during the last days!
Queen Tephi guides Britain back to a biblical foundation from her grave!
Then the other shoe drops!
Can this be true? Is this really going to happen?
The Stone of Destiny leaves Scotland and returns to Ireland
Breaking the code of Irish legends and their real-world meanings
History used as a weapon against us
Jeremiah goes to rock star status; his donkey is hated
After 2,625 years, the tabernacle in the wilderness is set up again, but on the ocean floor
The latter-day high priest of the third temple comes forth out of Ireland to take up his duties at the tabernacle
Burnt offering and sin offering hast thou not required
Harmonious understanding between them both
The Hunters and Gatherers run throughout the British Isles with their message. The call goes out to the Christians and Jews of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England to return to the Holy Land
Chapter 2: On the Floor of the Mediterranean Sea
The two clouds of smoke move; it is time to leave the British Isles
Again, a level road to travel on
Treasures concealed in darkness come forth
The Ark of the Covenant put in the foreground
The tribes pitch their tents around the tabernacle
The latter-day Second Exodus Korah incident
Why is there a rebellion?
Darkness makes its move!
The Illuminati’s top secret Mediterranean submersed city uncovered
A special class of angels with special authority arrives in the Holy Land
The tribes of Israel fear the Holy Land. The Lord negotiates a treaty between them and the Holy Land which is never broken
The Creator commands the created, i.e., the Holy Land!
The Lord has to calm the domestic animals and beasts of the field in the Holy Land
One of the greatest battles in history is being prepared; The beach is taken
The latter-day David runs up to meet the latter-day Goliath on the battlefield of the Holy Land
Chapter 3: The Promised Land Again
The Lord’s ancient promise concerning Damascus
Daniel’s prophesied leopard comes up out of the sea to be given dominion by Heaven
Gog starts to sweat on shore
The prophecy of Balaam is now fulfilled, the sentence of Numbers 24:13-19 is carried out, Heaven wages war on Gog
The ascent of the first “Deliverer” on Mount Sion
The Ending of WW3
Monsters from the deep come and help Zion be formed
When Gog sees events unfold, he takes his personal vanguard and flees the Holy Land
The Second Moses ascends the Temple Mount to end WW3
The Battle on the Mount
The Remnant of Israel
The important role Gog, the Russian leader, plays in future history
Great destruction falls in the Holy Land to end WW3
How and when the righteous remnant of Judah was formed
The righteous remnant of Judah that is still found or gathered in the Holy Land
Recap of events
The shout comes up from the sea and the two great houses enter the Holy Land
The manner and order the 12 tribes ascend and are rebirthed out of the womb of the sea
Coming out of the Diasporas
The “Covenant” of the Valley of Jezreel
Branches broken off of the olive tree are now replaced
We go Back in time
The New Covenant
Restoration of the 12 tribes into the good graces of the Creator
From the Temple Mount the people of the Lord are called to come out of the nations and they go forth
Chapter 4: The End of All Nations
Zion is founded in the Earth. Let the righteous rejoice and the wicked tremble
A King is chosen for a Kingdom
3000-year-old yoke and shackles to the foreigners are broken now
The new kingdom does not have unlimited freedom
The descendant of David becomes an inspiration to the nations of the world
The relationship between the King and the high priest
Building starts on the third temple; Ezekiel’s temple
Holy Land expanded
The latter-day kingdoms of Assyria and Egypt form
Blessings return, the land yields her bounty, she transforms
Democracies fail, nations dissolve
What is left of the Russian Empire falls back to Siberia and defends
The Chinese Kingdom holds the Far East together wondering what will happen next
The chains of slavery fall off Europe and the British Isles
Holy Land sectioned off into 12 tribes
Nephilim, who join the tribes, are given the ancient land of Hadrach and possibly Ashdod
All eyes in the world turn to Jerusalem
Review of the ending of WW3 again
Chapter 5: Kingdom of Egypt – Kingdom of Assyria
Great persecution in Egypt toward the Egyptians
Three great Kingdoms stand together
Isaiah is speaking of phase two of the Second Exodus
Chapter 6: Ezekiel’s Temple
Jerusalem and the Holy Land are given prosperity and good fortune
Honor to God’s word: Zion shall not make the disastrous mistake the Nation made
Ezekiel’s temple built
The temple – God’s apartment on Earth – shall be inhabited by the divine presence once again
Tabernacle of David
The high priest and the Priesthood
Sabbath reinstated in the Holy Land
Chapter 7: The Kingdom of Zion
It begins …
The 2,590-year-old deed to the Holy Land is produced; its ownership is settled forever!
Its government
Its Judges
The World courts its favor
The safety of the two great houses
How the land releases its Bounty that has been held back for thousands of years
Wealth of the sea converted into food to be stored
New Plant for food found/released
Chapter 8: Treachery Takes Root in Judah
U.F.O.s start to land in Britain and Europe
Antichrist climbs out of the hole in Germany he had been hiding in
Image of the Beast comes out of the shadows of the underground laboratories
You must take the mark of the Beast?
Antichrist’s army overruns Europe, heads toward North, Central, and South America
World Religion organized under the banner of the Catholic Church falls in line behind the Beast
Antichrist’s only real obstacles to World Domination
“At eventide, lo, terror, by morning, it is no more” – the Prophetic Clock goes into hyperdrive
Chapter 9: Antichrist’s Arrival in the Third Temple
The “Cheater” appears where he is not wanted
Alarm is sounded, Christians rush to the place of safety in what used to be Lebanon; the Jews rush to Petra
The stealing of the Throne of David in Jerusalem
The man from the tribe of Ephraim


Format: epub, mobi (kindle), Paperback
Words: 122,530
Publisher: Mount Ephraim Publishing Company (2021)
ISBN: 978-0-9728481-7-6


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