World War 3 in Prophecy:
The Next Dark Ages
[ Book 1 ]

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The Dark clouds of World War 3 descend upon her homeland. Invading armies ravage her heartland while enslaving Europe and Asia, with no one to slow them down.  Russia, China and Islam seem to be unstoppable as the world is thrown into a new Dark Age.

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America scatters her thin military across the globe as casualties on the battlefield begin to multiply. The dark clouds of World War 3 descend upon her homeland. Invading armies ravage her heartland, enslaving Europe and Asia with no one to slow them down. Russia, China, and Islam seem to be unstoppable as the world is thrown into a New Dark Age. Hope survives in Britain as a stone after 2,600 years of silence begins to roar in Scotland. Which brings forth out of obscurity the Destiny of the second Moses.


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Author’s Note

The subject of Biblical Prophecy and the events that shall shortly befall mankind is not a light topic, nor is it one to be causally dealt with and dismissed. Truth, no matter what vehicle it’s delivered in or what road it travels, is seldom received at its destination with rejoicing and gratitude. The disciples, no matter what country or city they entered, repeatedly proved this. This book is not an exception to that principle.

In an age of deception and corruption, truth is very precious and very rare. At such a current time as this, all historical threads of truth, weaving their way through time, have arrived in our day to form a completed tapestry. Nearly everyone has a gut feeling that something dynamic, something drastic, something life-changing, is about to happen. Even though filled with anticipation, no one has the nerve to walk around to the front of the loom and look at the tapestry for fear that the image emerging is not what they would expect or desire.

If you are too fearful to look into the Abyss for the truth you might see, you will not want to read this book. Return it to its shelf and go in peace—for as long as that peace may last. But understand: ignorance of the Abyss and the blindness of your eyes does not eliminate the Abyss, nor does it dissolve its contents.

“The light shineth in the darkness; and the darkness

comprehended it not.”

St. John 1:5

The OLD TESTAMENT, with its laws and its original fulfillment of PROPHECY, were but a shadow of things to come. They were but reflections of the things that will shortly come to pass in the TRIBULATION YEARS.

“The distinction between the past, present and future

is only an illusion, however persistent. The future exists

simultaneously with the past.”

—Albert Einstein

There are a great amount of ancient prophecies recorded in this book, both biblical, and extra biblical. If the chain of events which I have uncovered in ancient prophecy are going to happen, and those events are so radically different than what we have been taught as students of prophecy. I am well aware of the vast difference between what is laid out in this (as well as in the other books I have written) and what has been taught by God-fearing men who have taught in the past few hundred years with as much understanding of prophecy as they were allowed for the time they lived in. I wish to take nothing away from theses men and the long hours and years of study they applied to the study of prophesy. What they taught was the light, no matter how dim, they were to give to their generation (“dim” concerning prophecy, not other things pertaining to God and His word). It was always understood by the prophetic teachings themselves as well as through these mighty men of God and their instruction that when the generation that would actually experience the events of the book of Revelation firsthand were born and would become spiritually mature enough to be handed the Mantle of God and receive the Great Commission of Christ, they would receive a much greater/deeper understanding of “end of days” events.

As you have probably noticed, I do not use the phrase “end of time” to depict the time we are now living in. The “end of time” does not happen for another one thousand (1,000) years. Prophecy speaks of the time we are now living in as the “end of days” which is vastly different. The “end of time” is when eternity will start and “time shall be no more.” The “end of days” is the end of the days of the rule of Satan on the Earth, the time when the rule of Messiah ben David (the official title for Jesus) shall rule the Earth. The media always uses the term “end of time” and never the term “end of days” because they dare never to think about a time when their master/king Satan’s days will come to an end.

It is very important to document the sequences of events that shall come to pass by historical prophetic record. Even the “Mystery of prophecy” has been kept hidden throughout time. By Divine necessity, from time to time it was laid out before the men of God (the Prophets) even through they were not given a clear understanding of it. They were told that the understanding would come in the “time of the end.” The best example of this can be found in the last few chapters of the book of Daniel. From time to time the Lord, in his unfathomable wisdom, gave glimpses of this, for lack of a better phrase, “blind spot” in their (the prophets) prophecies concerning the “time of the end” so that no matter how hard they tried and besought God they could not understand its meaning. The Lord (Blessed be His Name) did this for more reasons than I can understand. But one reason I do understand. At the “time of the end” the “wise,” as they are called in the book of Daniel, would look back in history (prophetic history as well as true history) and say, “So that’s what He meant when, through His prophets He said such and such.”


Ch. 1 Identity of Babylon the Great
Babylon the Great will be an economic entity in the last days.
Babylon the Great is a place (nation). Mystery Babylon is a religion backed and promoted by secret organizations.
Its secrets will not be revealed until the last days.
When will the last days begin?
The last of the great nations shall have a mother.
Many different nationalities will dwell within her.

Ch. 2 Thy Terribleness 
Babylon the Great (i.e. America), being void of ethics, will discard the Lord.
Her churches and synagogues are void of moral fortitude.
Her leaders have promoted foreign interest over national.
America’s men transformed into sensitive males.
Society trying to become more compassionate becomes oppressed by women.
Families terrorized by child monsters.
In the legal system, justice is ignored.
The wise person and the fool become indistinguishable.
No haven of safety to be found in gated communities, wronged by neighbor.
What is the result of a mind consistently entertained by wickedness?
National identity and trust, destroyed by lies.
Society throwing off its façade embraces civil upheaval through riots and race war.
Hidden beyond the reach of the corrupt pulpits and wicked politicians, abide the ignored virtuous ones.
Prophets (false prophets) come preaching prosperity and holding truth in low esteem.
The gods of the world shall be judged first (entertainment industry, banking industry, the corporate world, etc.).
Affected by the sin of mankind which is allowed to run rampant, nature fights back.
Heavenly judgment poured out in biblical proportions begins to fall on Earth.

Ch. 3 All her nobles were bound in chains
The world’s elected leaders forsake their reasonability to their nations.
The weak churches and synagogues are used to desolate the people.
The judiciary system is used to desolate the law.
The spy’s and traitors make vulnerable Babylon the Great’s resistance to fight.
Gog, a Russian military/political leader, revolts against his creators, the New World Order.
The tribulation time apostles of God are commanded to escape the wrath before the invasion.
The traitorous corporate elite receive their reward.
Biblical type judgment falls on the religious leaders.
Biblical type judgment falls on the traitorous bureaucratic officials.
Biblical type judgment falls on the president of America.
Biblical type judgment falls on the secret societies.
Biblical type judgment falls upon those who are considered wise (i.e. Ph.D.’s etc.).

Ch. 4 Gog Invades the Middle East
Jews (specifically in the Holy Land) accuse God of the holocaust of WWII.
The impoverished dependent state of a secular nation in the Holy Land, foretold.
The Holy Land peopled by a secular people from the tribe of Judah, is destroyed in the last days.
The promised glory, with the return of the twelve tribes.
The Third Temple, Ezekiel’s Temple, shall be built.
After the tribes return Jerusalem is called the city of righteousness.
All the returned tribes shall fear God.
In the last days the House of Jacob in the Holy Land is worthy of God’s wrath.
A conspiracy exists, declares the Lord.
WWII = Adolph Hitler (Germany) / WWIII = Gog (Russian Military leader)
There is pagan worship in the secular Jewish nation.
Enemies surround to attack the secular nation.
There is an invasion.
Nukes are used in the Holy Land.
Jerusalem falls just prior to the start of World War 3.
The Holy Land itself cries.

Ch. 5 Midnight
The world currencies are destroyed before WW3
Treaties are used to deceive and disarm America.
Since America’s judges were wicked, throughout her history God judged without them.
She is guilty and receives wrath.
Judgment begins at Jerusalem, then goes to America, then to Asia and Europe and the rest of the world.
The elected leaders of all nations shall fail their voters.
Gog is a club (Russia/China/Islam) in God’s hands.
When World War 3 starts, very short hair will be the style.
Food, land and women are the booty of the invaders.
American’s military observation satellites are destroyed before her invasion.
America is attacked completely by surprise.
Cruel invaders come from the end of the Earth.
The nations with diplomacy try to turn Gog back.
America’s cities and countryside’s are destroyed by war.
Gog descends on America and Europe like a dark cloud.
The Lord shall protect a remnant during the invasion.
Even the heavens will be darkened during this time.
The invasion of America will start during harvest time (Sept.-Oct.).
Once the wrath begins it will not stop.
Chemical weapons are used on civilians.
Americas children are destroyed at the hands of her invaders.
The Lord sits in Heaven high above the pagan’s cries for mercy.
The world’s armies are defeated by Gog’s military might.
The Day of the Lord is near! . . . But this is not it!
The world slave markets are reopened with an abundant supply.
God sends a stern warning to the Jews in the world’s nations.
Men shall be few upon the Earth.
The servants of God are commanded to rejoice over America’s destruction.
Freedom from slavery and oppression is promised.
Although the Lord destroys the United States of America, He will eventually deliver a remnant that is left.
The two Great Houses (House of Jacob and House of Israel) cry out for deliverance. Their cry is met and ascends to heaven with a cry for deliverance from the slaves in Jerusalem.

Ch. 6 The New World Dis-Order 
The present world war was foretold in ancient prophecy.
The United States of America is destroyed.
Antichrist receives the mind of a Beast at the start of the seven years.
Antichrist is discouraged and stopped by Gog.
Dr. Frankenstein (secret societies) tries to stop the monster (Gog) he created.
The prophesied BRANCH’S (Messiah ben Joseph’s/the second Moses) tongue is loosed, but he remains hidden in obscurity (a basket).
The second King Arthur (The Once and Future King) appears to defend the British Isles.
Gog’s destruction is foretold.
The Holy Land cries to God in earnest.

Ch. 7 A Place of Safety Prepared
The slaves in bondage throughout the world repent.
Will Great Britain be overrun by Gog???
The birth pains become constant. Zion’s time is near.
A teacher of righteousness shall appear.
There is a difference between the righteous and the wicked.
There is a return to the Ten Commandments.
Gog takes credit for God’s work and, like King Nebuchadnezzar, Heaven declares his destruction.
Captives (slaves) and those in hiding are promised deliverance.

Ch. 8 The Hidden Ones 
The wicked are destroyed because of their wickedness.
The bride of Christ is commanded to cleanse her garments.
The Lord protects His own, both Jew and Christian.
Worldwide repentance precedes deliverance.



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